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Equestrian Show Apparel for Ladies |

At, we have competitive level horse riding apparel at competitive prices!

The Equestrian offers a wide selection of equestrian show apparel for women, men, and young rider. From equestrian riding breeches, riding boots, show coats, show shirts, to helmets, and more for the dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing competitor. Remember, on show day, not only do you want to be suitably attired (think light-colored riding breeches and tall black riding boots, to begin), but you'll want to be safe wearing protective head-gear (think dark in color -- in most cases, riders wear a black or charcoal-hued helmet). Generally, for the hunter/jumper ladies, you'll want a "ratcatcher" show shirt with choker and stock pin or monogram. More recently "wrap collar" show shirts have become popular, eliminating the need for a separate collar. For the dressage rider a technical show shirt and stock tie. For the gentlemen, a button-down shirt and tie or stock tie will complete your picture. And, if you prefer, a functional pair of dark-colored gloves will help you round out your elegant presentation -- and make those show judges sit up and really take notice!

Suggested Shopping Check List:
  • Tall black boots (field or dress)
  • Show coat in dark hues or in tones of beige and/or grey
  • Protective head-gear in black or dark color
  • Women: "ratcatcher" show shirt plus choker or new "wrap collar" show shirt; for the dressage riders a technical show shirt and stock tie.
  • Men: button-down shirt with tie or stock tie
  • Black gloves
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