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Riding Gloves for Women @ - SSG

Riding gloves are an important part of any horse riding wardrobe for a variety of reasons. Not only does the extra protection help prevent hand injury and soreness during a ride, but gloves are expected in many competitions as part of the show. Even for casual riding, many types of gloves exist and are an important part of being safe and comfortable during riding sessions.

If you plan on performing in competitions and dressage, choice of gloves can be very important. White gloves tend to look a bit nicer, but also draw more attention to the rider's hands and can work against younger and less experienced riders. Black gloves tend to be used more by hunters and might be less preferential, although they will help to hide slightly unsteady hands. In general, however, you should always choose whatever gloves accentuate your outfit the best to flatter yourself and your horse. Being confident with what you are wearing and how you look is the first step to performing your best!

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